Business Development Forum

In July 10-11-12, 2014 arranged Business Development Exhibition-Conference in the Exhibition Centre of Tbilisi “Expo Georgia”.

At the forum were attended key companies from financial sector (banks, investment companies, microfinance organizations) as well as business consulting companies (e.g. management, marketing, HR, IT etc.), insurance companies, international organizations and donor organizations etc. The exhibitors will have the opportunity to present new products, ideas; establish working relations with customers, prepare special offers to visitors, meet and contact the target audience. Financial Outsource was introduced also to the presentation.

In frames of the forum the 2-day training was established. The subject of the training was: A New Management Paradigm for a New Age of Managers (Mr. Shoham Adizes – Certified Associate, Vice President of Operations and Director of Training & Certification at the Adizes Institute/ USA).

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