The best choice for small and medium sized companies in Georgia.

For those who want effective management of the company's financial, tax and accounting issues.

We handle the following issues:

  • Develop comprehensive accounting policies
  • Consulting and tax disputes
  • Timely, efficient and orderly financial statements
  • Financial analysis
  • Audit
  • Business plans
  • Real estate appraisal
  • Contractual relations
  • All types of customs operations
  • Participation in state tenders
  • Business registration, reorganization and liquidation related procedures

Why Financial Outsource?

  • Financial outsourcing is cheaper than hiring a personal accountant
  • Professional consultants
  • Unlimited consultations
  • Clear and unequivocal advices
  • Service unlimited in time
  • Wide range of business experience

What makes Financial Outsource LLC different from others??

  • Our service is insured by the insurance company with up to 200,000 Lari for each client
  • We will fit your business the way you require
  • We offer unlimited financial and tax consultation
  • Free software
  • No hidden fees
  • The best and competitive prices

We will help you to minimize tax risks of your business, so that your activities are in total compliance with the existing legislation of Georgia